Trying Skin Friendly Hair Care

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I have to be honest- I haven't really been putting much effort into my hair at all lately. It's been in a messy bun (not cute messy, but messy messy ya know?) the majority of the time. Part of the reason is because I almost never leave the house anymore- can anyone relate? The other reason is that my skin has been super sensitive recently. Almost everything has been irritating me- including my hair products. I know fragrance, among other things, is a potential irritant so I did a quick Google search one day for gentle hair care that is fragrance free and found several different products. Some of the ones claimed they were fragrance free but still had natural botanicals to give it a scent. Those can still be problematic. Then I found this brand called SEEN. It was created by a dermatologist with skin and hair in mind. They had truly fragrance free options for every product. Everything we put on our hair travels onto our faces, neck, back, etc- potentially causing acne, rashes, or itching. SEEN products are completely non comedogenic (won't clog pores) and super gentle. They contain ingredients like hemisqualene which is an amazing alternative to silicone that keeps hair smooth, and bisabolol which soothes the skin. I was desperate so I figured I'd give it a try, and I'm so glad I did! I'll tell you a little about each product I tried. Click here to check out the products for yourself!

The Shampoo

This shampoo is super hydrating. It has a rich lather despite being sulfate free. My hair felt clean but not stripped.

The Conditioner

Once you get this combed through your hair, it has a pretty decent amount of slip. My hair definitely felt moisturized even as I was rinsing it out. It helps if you squish/scrunch it in to really get it into your strands, as well as leaving it in for as long as possible. I do wish there was a deep conditioner because it is pretty light and I prefer something a little thicker especially in the winter. However, I may have read on their Instagram that they're working on this so I'm looking forward to that!

The Curl Creme

I don't typically use a curl creme, I usually stick to a gel or mousse. However most, or should I say ALL, styling products I was using have been irritating my hyper sensitive skin lately. So I was willing to try anything made for curls that was gentle and fragrance free (which is extremely hard to find, by the way.) I was not disappointed by this creme! I am not kidding when I say it goes on like silk. It feels so nice. The hold is very soft and it doesn't leave a crunchy cast at all. A little goes a long way. One bonus is that it doubles as a heat protectant. So if you use a diffuser regularly like I do, this is awesome. If you want a little more definition, I highly suggest using a styling brush like the Denman or else you might get a more poofy look. That's all I use- this one styling creme and my knockoff brand Denman brush. The photo above is from me using this method. It is winter now, so I can get away with just the creme. As summer rolls around and it starts getting humid- I know I'm going to start needing a gel for extra hold (*hint, hint* if they're reading this.)

Overall, I love this brand and I'm grateful that there's something out there for people with sensitive skin like myself. Do you ever notice that everything that is geared toward sensitive skin is sad and clinical looking? Well these products actually have cute packaging. My scalp feels much less itchy and less inflamed when I use them. I have even noticed much less acne around my jawline which is where I typically get it pretty bad.

You are going to be spending a little extra money if you buy these instead of your typical ten dollar or less shampoo and conditioner but if you have sensitive skin or are acne prone (on your face OR your body) or experience scalp issues- I would say it is definitely worth it. The ingredients are high quality and you are totally getting what you are paying for. I think there's a ten percent discount off your first purchase! Let me know in the comments if you've tried these or any other hair products for sensitive skin. I'll be keeping on the lookout for other brands!

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