Product vs Technique

The first thing people usually say on a good hair day is 'what product did you use!?' That's not necessarily the key, though. I could tell you I used this amazing mousse, but is it going to give you the same results? Not necessarily. You can take a dollop of that mousse, hurriedly rake it through your hair, give it a bit a scrunch and be on your way. Maybe you keep scrunching as it dries to speed up the process. By the end of the day, your curls are a poofy mess and you conclude that product was just not for you. Does this sound familiar? Well keep reading. Now there are maaany techniques out there and I'm not about to get into all of them. I will give you some key pointers that I have found extremely important:

1) Apply styling product evenly throughout detangled hair, in at least four sections

2) After applying product, gently slide fingers or a brush through hair in an outward motion(up and away from the scalp) to create curl clumps and volume

3) Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch your damp or wet hair- gently moving side to side and upside down(you can use a t-shirt at the end of this to squeeze out excess moisture)

4) Do not touch your hair ANYMORE until 100%dry- this is MOST important (doesn't matter if you're air drying or diffusing- do not touch!!!

5) Now that you have successfully resisted the urge to scrunch that hard, sticky, potato-chipy(SNL Cher skit, anyone?...nevermind) cast- it's finally time to scrunch!!!!

6) You have now revealed soft, beautiful, bouncy curls- feel free to shake it out at the roots to amp up volume

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