Next Day Curls

It's one thing to have a great hair day, but what about day 2, 3, and beyond?! If this seems completely out of the cards for you- you may be surprised. There is hope, your hair can make it past day one- without looking like you just got struck by lightning. You just need a few little tweaks to your routine. Think of your hair like a newborn baby that never quite grows up. You don't just willy nilly put your baby to bed. You make sure she's safe and protected. You treat her with the ultimate care. Okay what do I know, I don't have any children and this is a terrible illustration. You get the picture though, right? Okay, we need to protect our hair when we go to sleep. Here are some ways: 1)Wear a satin lined bonnet to bed 2)Sleep in a pineapple or pineapple bun if you have long hair- preferably with a satin-lined scrunchie 3)Sleep on a satin pillowcase So even after you take some (or all) of these precautions, you may still wake up with somewhat wonky curls. That's to be expected- we just need to wake them up and get them back into shape. One mistake I would always make is that I would get water and products and really go all into my curls- almost trying to completely re-do my hair. That would ALWAYS result in extreme frizz and zero definition. What I learned is that you want to smooth water and products over the surface of your hair. Sure, you will have some frizz and tangles on the inner layers of your hair- but that is normal. If your hair is moisturized enough- it shouldn't be too much of a problem.  Here are some steps: 1)Spray water all over your hair- but not completely soaking it 2)Smooth the water over your hair using the 'praying hands' method 3)You may not need anymore product- but if you can use some extra help- smooth a little bit of leave in conditioner and/or styling product over surface of hair using same 'praying hands' method. 4)Scrunch scrunch scrunch 5)Air dry or diffuse...yes, again 6)Scrunch hair if there's any crunchy feeling

Here is a little slideshow of the process. This is day four hair. I usually just cowash my hair on day four and put it in a braid or braids (more on that later.) But, today I thought I would try to refresh my day four hair and see what happens. I think it turned out pretty decent- not perfect, but not so bad!

Leave any comments if you have tried this method or what else has worked for you! 

The spray bottle I use when refreshing my hair:

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