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I don't know about you, but I don't like doing my hair for no reason. If nobody is going to see it except for in a little square on zoom- then what's the point? Okay, sometimes I'm kind of lazy, and some days I just like to give my curls a break. I'm not even talking about protective styles that are done on already styled and dry hair. I mean styles done on straight out of the shower hair. Call me crazy but since I was a little girl- there were many days when I would wash my hair and immediately put it in a bun because 1) my itchy scalp really needed to be washed BUT 2) I couldn't be bothered to actually style my hair, AND/OR 3) the weather was NOT cooperating.

If you're going to do one of these styles I would recommend your hair not be soaking wet. What I do right after washing/conditioning my hair is put some leave in conditioner, detangle, then wrap my hair up in a t-shirt. I then proceed to go about my day for at least 10 minutes so I can soak up some of that water. Once I take my hair out of the t-shirt it is damp, not soaking wet- and ready to style.

Now, I am no expert in fancy updos or braided styles by ANY means. My sister excels in that area. However- I'm assuming that a lot of people are also not experts, like myself. The following is a little inspiration for easy styles you can easily recreate:

Single braid á la Sade and in this case, Rihanna

Several easy, random braids á la Alanis Morissette in the ever so classic 'Ironic' music video

Basic top knot

Of course if you have short hair- there are always silk scarves!

I am talking really basic stuff, you guys. Don't feel like you always have to have your curls looking perfectly on point and styled. I have done all of these and the great part is that they are super straightforward and simple! When it comes to sleeping- leave your hair in the style if comfortable. If you can't sleep with it- I would just take it down and put it in a loose braid and then restyle in the morning- simple. Let me know in the comments if you also give your curls a break and what styles you like to use!

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