How to Really Use Oils

Okay so oils can be great for curly hair. However, it really depends on how you use them. One of the main misconceptions I hear is that they are moisturizing. They are indeed NOT moisturizing in and of themselves. They do lock in moisture. Okay wait a minute, what is moisture again? Let's not overcomplicate this- we all know moisture is water. More specifically- it is the presence of water in something. Simply put- oils will not moisturize dry, brittle hair. What they will do is lock water in your hair. So if your hair is thirsty and you want to benefit from oils, here are some steps:

1. Hydrate your hair with water and water based products

2. As your final step- seal in all of that hydration with an oil

3. As a result- water will be present in your hair resulting in moisturization

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