Curlsmith Hair Makeup Review

I've always wanted to dye my hair. However, I didn't want the damage. Not just that, but the one time I tried to get professional highlights, I absolutely hated it. I asked for reddish brown, and got gold. Gold! I even went back to fix it, to no avail. The audacity. Plus, I definitely noticed some damage to the highlighted strands. I thought I would just have to be content forever with my brown/black hair- which is fine. But then came the geniuses at Curlsmith (no, this post is definitely not sponsored). I had never tried Curlsmith products before- but wow! I am impressed.

How It Works

This is a styling gel made specifically for curls, which deposits vibrant color on your hair. I tried the ruby color- which is made from strawberry, watermelon, rooibos, and beet extracts. No sulfates, silicones, or anything damaging to the hair. It is incredible.

How To Use It

If you know how to apply gel on your hair, then you know how to use this. It doesn't have much slip, so it is a bit of a challenge. It really isn't a big deal, though. You have to apply a decent amount to each section if you want a big color payoff. It is all in your control. You can even just do highlights. If you are going to do that, I suggest putting a different gel to your entire head, then adding this gel only on certain curls of your choice. I put a moderate amount of product throughout my hair. My results were subtle but definitely noticeable- especially in person! That's exactly what I wanted.

This gel lasts until your next wash. It easily rinses out in the shower. I kept mine going for four days, but could have easily lasted longer if I wanted to.

The Gel

Speaking of gel- if this didn't have any color depositing capabilities, I would still use it. The gel itself gave my curls such hold, definition, and volume! I was NOT expecting that, especially because it didn't feel that great as I was applying it.

How To Refresh

You may be wondering how to refresh your curls with this stuff in your hair. I was a little worried about that because I didn't want to rinse it off with my spray bottle but I also wanted to keep my hair looking good throughout the week. All I did when I needed a refresher was spray my hair with a little bit of water- do not completely saturate it. After I smoothed the water over it, I applied a very small amount of leave in conditioner. Then, I came in with a small amount of the Curlsmith hair makeup to give it a little extra hold and replace any color I might've rinsed off. Once your hair is completely dry, the bottle says you can even add a little more to your dry hair for an extra pop of color. I did that and it looked really good.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product if you are itching for a change but you fear commitment or are scared of damaging your hair. They have a variety of colors for you to choose from. My next purchase will definitely be the copper shade. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the colors or if you have any questions for me about the product. I'd be happy to answer!



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