3 Tips to Manage Frizz

Frizz- this has to be the most common curly hair problem. Sure, any hair type can have frizz but curly hair just takes it to another level. I'm sure we all have a photo somewhere where in the moment we thought our hair was looking decent but in the photo our hair looks CRAZY. Yes, this is normal and we all have some degree of frizz but I'm sure if you're reading this, you're looking for ways to tame it a bit.

1) The way your hair looks when wet is a good predictor of how your hair will look dry. If you see stringy bits that are already frizzing out when wet- it's guaranteed that your hair will look stringy and frizzy when dry. The key is to make sure your hair is wet enough when styling and that your hair is forming nice curl clumps. Make sure you get your styling product evenly distributed throughout all your hair. You can use a combination of raking and praying hands to distribute products.

2) Typically, I would advise do not touch your hair until completely dry- HOWEVER- there is one thing I do that is a game changer. I thought I had invented this method myself one day but no, apparently it already existed and has a name- The Smasters Method. When your hair is about half way dry (I typically diffuse but it should work on air-dried hair, as well) go back in with wet hands and more gel/mousse/whatever and smooth over your hair again (avoiding the roots) and scrunch gently. Do this until your curls look smooth and defined. Then air dry/diffuse again- this time do not touch your hair again until totally dry! This sounds kind of absurd considering you've just dried it, now you're wetting it again. But let me tell you- it really locks your curls in place! This has helped me so much as far as frizz goes.

3) Maybe you've had a good wash day but you wake up to a head full of frizz. It happens...a lot. Just get a spray bottle and dampen one side of your hair at a time. Smooth the water over the surface of your hair using the praying hands method. You can apply extra products if you feel you need it. If you see any curls that look particularly haggard and frizzy, feel free to (very gently!) detangle that curl out, re-wet it and gently scrunch it back into place. This takes some practice to get your perfect refreshing routine, but you can get pretty good results for at least a few days.

If you have curly hair, you can be sure that there will ALWAYS be some kind of frizz. That is part of the beauty of it. Hopefully these tips can help you manage it a bit more, though. If I think of any more tips, I'll definitely share them in the future and let me know yours in the comments!

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